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Crafted Destilled Mezcal


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What is a Chulele?

According to Mexican Legend, the Chulele is a mystical person with the power to shape-shift into animal form. It is believed that there is a hidden power within each of us… What´s yours?


Family Generations


Years under the sun of Oaxaca


Styles of mezcal: Joven, reposado and Añejo


Brand: Chulele

Locally Grown Agaves

100% Natural and ancestral process

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Our process

Artesinal Quality

We make mezcal artisanally according to the tradition of the good mezcalero. That is why our mezcals are appreciated both by purists and experts, and by new consumers.  Because we take care of each stage in its elaboration, our mezcal reaches the highest quality and purity in the categories: White (young), Reposado and Añejo. Our mezcal is obtained by hand with ancient methods, achieving a unique character that can only be compared to the purest drinks in the world. We cook the heart of the agave in a conical furnace of river and earth stones. The grinding is done in a round stone mill, know as the “tahona”, pulled by a hors. And fermentation takes place in pine wood vats.

A Angustifolia

Agave Espadin.

We cultivate our own agave plants organically for ten years and under the radiant sun of the arid Oaxacan terrain. We pay special attention and care to the crops, maintaining and taking care of the production of Espadin agaves. When it reaches maturity, from 8 or up to 12 years, the plant accumulates energy in the form of sugar in its heart or pineapple, which is the essential material for obtaining alcohol. That is the time of harvesting or cutting, before the quiote flowers forms.


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Discover the Chulele inside you