FROM SANTIAGO Matatlán, Oaxaca.


Echoing the legend of the Chulele, a creature capable of transforming from man to animal, that travels the uninhabited mountains and valleys of the great state of Oaxaca. We transform the Espadin Maguey into our signature Mezcals. With the distinct earthy flavors of the land from where they were born. Chulele Mezcal is handcrafted by the maestro mezcaleros, using the true artisanal methods that honor the centuries old Zapotec traditions of their forefathers.

According to the legend, a Chulele is a mystical person with power to shape-shift into the form of an animal.

There is a hidden power within all of us… What’s yours?

280 Years

Our mezcal is a family tradition that has been passed down for almost three centuries.

Our agaves grow for up to

12 Years

under the warm sun of Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.

3 Varities

of mezcal: Joven, Reposado and Añejo

1 Brand:


We only use Agave plants that have grown for 8 to 12 years.

Waiting until the heart of the Agave, known as "la piña" or "the pineapple", has developed the necessary amount of sugar.

We produce our Mezcals using 100% Natural and Artisanal methods.

Cultivating our Agave with passion and deep love for our land.

We don't use any industrial processes in the production of our Mezcals.

Working with dedication and the methods learned from our forefathers...

We create our Mezcals with the best quality and purity.

Always making our Mezcal under the wisdom of our maestro mezcalero, "the teacher".

Chulele Mezcal is bottled taking maximum care to maintain cleanliness and purity.

Enjoy the magic of our Mezcals ... discover your inner Chulele.

A Angustifolia

Agave Espadin

At Chulele we grow the Espadin variety of agave (Agave Angustifolia) using organic methods. We cultivate our agave, paying special attention to planting and caring so that each develops properly under the intense sun of our Oaxaca plantations. Once they have reached maturity at 8 to 12 years old, the plant has accumulated energy in the form of sugar in its heart or “el corazón”. The heart is commonly called the pineapple or “la piña”. This is the main element used to produce alcohol. We harvest the Agave before they begin to form their majestic flower, the quiote.

Our Process


We make our mezcal using methods handed down through generations. Following the tradition of the maestro mezcaleros, we make our mezcal in the same way as our ancestors. Creating a beverage with complex character comparable to the best spirits in the world.

We cook the Agave hearts in a conical oven, cut into the rich Oaxacan soil and made with walls lined in river stones. After cooking for 2 to 3 days, we grind the cooked Agaves into a mash using a round stone, known as “tahona”. The stone wheel is turned slowly, crushing the cooked maguey hearts with the power of a horse. We then combine the ground mash with water and move it to large pine wood barrels where the fermentation slowly takes place. Once the fermentation process is complete, we distill the juice in copper pots, producing our mezcals with their rich signature flavors.

The care we take to craft each batch is why Chuele is sought after by aficionados and appreciated by those new to the world of mezcal. Chulele mezcals are of the highest standard in quality and purity. Available in three varieties: Joven, Reposado and Añejo.



We transform the Agave Espadín into our three signature mezcals.



Crystalline Mezcal with telltale bubbles or “perlas” typical of careful distillation. With a strong flavor and persistent essence, to be enjoyed by sipping straight or mixed in exoctic cocktails. Chulele Joven is for connoisseurs looking for a pure artisanal mezcal.



Mezcal with a slightly golden color. Its tonality resulting from 8 months of aging in white oak barrels. This is what also gives it generous body and a smooth flavor; ideal to enjoy as a digestive with a wonderful meal. Simply incredible.

Mezcal Añejo: 40% Alc/vol


When time works its magic.

Aged for 12 months in American white oak barrels. Made from select Espadín Agave and with an incomparable quality. This aged mezcal awakens sophisticated sensations of the palete. It stands out for its distinct golden hue resulting from careful distillation and aging. Pleasant in flavor and sweet in aroma, a mezcal for long conversations. Chulele Añejo is ideal if you are looking for a delicate and elegant flavor, as well as aromas of fine woods.

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Enjoy a cup of Chulele mezcal sipped straight or as the foundational ingredient in a fabulous cocktail. Chulele awakens your inner magic.

Chulele is magic inside you, let it flow
Young Chulele is ideal for cocktails
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Find your inner Chulele
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It is party time in Mexico!. Lets find our Chulele
Enjoy Chulele straight or in cocktails. It is your friendly self


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